3 Ways Flashissue allows you to send mass email with Gmail

Sending mass email with Gmail can be tough. Flashissue provides a way to ensure you can still send mass email with Gmail and avoid Gmail’s bulk sending limits.

Google imposes a maximum sending limit on emails of 500/day for regular @gmail users and 2,000 emails per day for Google apps users (this includes businesses and edu). In addition, there is a limit of 99 emails that can be sent in single mailing, which means if you try and send an email to 150 recipients using the To, CC or BCC fields your account will be flagged and you will not be able to send new messages (you can still access your account and receive incoming email).

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How to use Craig’s List for free customer research

Getting people to give feedback on your idea or product can be daunting.

Look no further than the free classifieds. You can use Craig’s List for free customer research.

  1. Post an ad on Craig’s List asking for help to solve your issue*
  2. Funnel respondents into a survey – Use Google Form‘s as a free option.
  3. Gather and anlyze your responses. Tweak and repeat if necessary.

*In a decent sized city you’ll typically get 200 or so responses.

Using Craig’s List for free customer research was just one of the suggestions from the Google Entrepreneur Hang Out about “Lean Design Meets Design Thinking”.

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How to create the quickest email newsletter in the world using Gmail

Using the Flashissue clipper you can create an email newsletter right inside Gmail in world record time – Bookmark a few web articles, add some words and you’re done.

The full version of Flashissue is great for creating mailing lists from your Google Contacts; designing great looking emails and then being able to track them. That’s the products’ bread and butter. But what you may not know is that there’s a buried feature in Flashissue that will save you a ton of time and make you look great to your clients or audience.

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New Feature (Beta) – Share an email template with your team

We’re testing a new feature that allows you to share one of your email’s as a template with the rest of your team.

The feature is not totally baked – it’s fully functional but not very polished. We want to get it in your hands for some feedback, so let us know what you think.

How it works

The feature lets you share an email you have created in your Flashissue account with others in your team so they can use it as a template of their own. Once shared, they are  free to edit the email as their own – it will leave the original email in your account unchanged.

Try the example from the video (click the link): 

Note: this is NOT a feature that lets you “collaborate” on an email with others.; it allows you  to share an email as a copy with others.

Step #1: View Email

Go to your Reports tab and hover your mouse over an email you would like to share with your team. Click the “View Email” button and you will be taken to the web view of the email.

view email

Step #2: Create link

Now the email has opened in your browser create the link  to share with your team.

Add the following text –  /share – to the end of the page URL so that:

The original link: 

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