How to use Craig’s List for free customer research

Getting people to give feedback on your idea or product can be daunting.

Look no further than the free classifieds. You can use Craig’s List for free customer research.

  1. Post an ad on Craig’s List asking for help to solve your issue*
  2. Funnel respondents into a survey – Use Google Form‘s as a free option.
  3. Gather and anlyze your responses. Tweak and repeat if necessary.

*In a decent sized city you’ll typically get 200 or so responses.

Using Craig’s List for free customer research was just one of the suggestions from the Google Entrepreneur Hang Out about “Lean Design Meets Design Thinking”.

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3 steps to write a 3 line sales email that closes business

Here’s 3 simple steps to write a 3 line sales email that closes business.

  1. Keep it brief (1 line intro / 1 line purpose / 1 line call to action)
  2. Keep it “unfancy”. Making it look like a regular email from Gmail.
  3. Add some subtle  branding to create an impact even if the recipient does not respond.

Yesterday, I attended an online webinar from MarketingProfs called 10 Steps on Planning a Webinar (learn what a webinar is here) and afterwards I received a good 3 line sales email from the host.

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5 Steps on How To Stop Selling And Still Win Business

stop selling start enaging

Last month the internet phone company I co-founded was sold to Vonage.

As Vocalocity rebrands itself as Vonage Small Business, Vonage will no doubt realize that it has acquired a pretty good sales machine.

Funnily enough though, even from day one, I do not attribute the company’s success to developing fancy online phone technology (which it did) but instead from a very early stage the team built a killer lead nurturing process and coupled it with a highly efficient inside sales process (which closed business hand over fist).

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3 Steps How to Acquire Customers Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

So when I say “how to acquire customers like Arnold Schwarzenegger” what do I mean?

I would like to show you a real-life example of how a business (ours) is breaking down the way we get customers into actionable chunks. Whether you’re a realtor, a consultant or you manufacture widgets you can do exactly the same.

Originally, I was going to call this post “how to acquire customers by activating them” and for some reason this made me think of some robot like machine in a sci-fi flick, hence the Arnie reference.

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When You Shouldn’t Spend A Dime On Sales Or Marketing


Here’s an exert from the an interview in Forbes, with Matthew Bellows (MB), the CEO of Yesware an online email sales tool. His sentiments are good.

Startup” method that’s so popular now? How do you know if your product is ready?”

MB: Great question. No, seriously, there is a big emphasis in the startup literature about “ship early and often” and “if you aren’t embarrassed by your product, you waited too long to ship” I agree with both of those sentiments actually, but they pertain more to product development than they do to sales. Ship early, and be embarrassed, but before you build a sales function, make sure your product supports a scalable sales effort. I wrote about this in an article called “You’re Not Ready for a Sales Hire.”

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